March 31, 2010

EGM[i]- the [i] stands for interactive!

Actually, I have no idea what the [i] stands for. It's probably just tacked on there because of everyone's recent fetish with the letter i. But it might as well stand for interactive. Let me tell you, EGM[i] is only in the early stages at this point and it's already kicking GameInformer's ass. GI was recently redesigned with a brand new magazine layout and a brand new website dedicated to bringing readers more in-depth info and features as an extension of the magazine. That's nothing compared to EGM's new weekly, fully interactive, digital magazine. Seriously, this thing is cool. And I love the fact that the content will be fresh every week. One of the drawbacks of print is that sometimes the news you publish is old news. Problem no longer. EGM[i] is just one part of the triumvirate; Electronic Gaming Monthly, EGM[i], and the new EGMNOW website complete the set. Between the three, you get daily, weekly, and monthly EGM goodness. And no more stupid 1up involved! Steve Harris (the original owner of EGM) has gone to great lengths to bring his magazine back to greatness, and it seems to be paying off. Head on over to the website to check out a preview of EGM[i] in the form of the "lost" Feburary '09 issue (with some minor updates). You'll need an account, which is free. If you like what you see, you can upgrade by subscribing to the magazine for $24, which gives you 12 print issues and 52 digital issues. EGM is back in a big way! Woot! It should be on news stands... soon... ish...

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