October 23, 2009

Infinite Fails

Installation 04 will be at Infinite Bits in Miami, Florida Friday (today) from 5pm to late. We will not be hiding under cover at the Analog Hype booth and will not be there all weekend or even advertising ourselves. Do not look for us. There will be no coverage. Still, we got that awesome banner out of it, right? For the record, I blame Analog Hype for this. I have no reasoning. I just hate them.


  1. There's no beef sir, just a level of professionalism. Yes dudes preview of Halo Wars was trash, but where were you to do it? If you have a problem with the preview, you don't put it out on blast like you did. We have an area to communicate with each other. I don't understand how you could hate us so much when we got B@ttsman band to perform at the convention, which by the way is leading to more opportunities for them. I give credit where credit is due and I hope that your site succeeds. But with a mindset and attitude like this isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Do you have an interest in having a more professional way of displaying your work? Do you wish you could post your reviews in a more regarded medium over numerous gaming media sites? Would you like an opportunity to turn your love for games into something more?

    Well we here at AnalogHype would like to extend an offer. We are looking for news and various writers to help build our site content. Whether you are interested in anything else like reviews, previews, editorials, etc. AnalogHype would like to offer you a position as one of our staff writers. This is not a paying position, as we are still growing and all our revenue goes into upkeep and improvements, but we do provide opportunities to get games straight from the publishers such as Codemasters, THQ, EA, Activision and more. We may not be the largest site, but we have been growing exponentially since the start.

    Before applying, please make sure you adhere to the following requirements:

    - Must be able to write one article a week: Review, Editorial, a feature such as a Top 10 article is fine.

    - If you are doing news, you must be able to do at least 2-3 news posts a day in your own words.

    - If you are willing to do reviews, they must be over thorough and detailed no less than 4 paragraphs for arcade and no less than 6 for full retail.

    - Only apply if you’re serious about the position.

    - This is a fully voluntary position and at times you may get a game or a code to review.

    AnalogHypers Needed:

    - Article Editor for Site

    - Graphic Designer

    - News Writers

    - Editorial Writer

    - Community Manager

    To apply click on Hit Us Up with the subject "We Want You" and make sure to include your preferred contact information and why you want to join the team.

  2. Lol very cleaver with the ad thing. I will leave it out of respect. I realize now what the problem was, but still think you guys should have made it more clear that I absolutely NEEDED to join in on those Skype conversations. I didn't have the time for that and I never would have accepted. Actually, as a serious suggestion, I think you should include that in the above post so people realize the time commitment. I just thought it was post whatever whenever like it is here. I've now learned that it's not always like that. I'm still unclear because some of the guys seem torn: was it because I didn't post enough, or because of my comment that I was fired. And did I never find out because I wasn't in on the Skype thing like I said before? In any case, consider the beef over. But, on another serious not, some of the other guys were being real jackasses and I had to respond with my own jackassness. Nobody seemed to want to take me seriously. I apologize for that and want to reiterate that I was completely serious about that open invitation. I'd love to get along. Seriously. This sounds cliche, but I guess it really was all just one big misunderstanding.