May 14, 2008

Movie Review: Speed Racer

Wow. I hardly know what to think about this movie. It's definitely the most extreme thing I've ever seen in my life (well, maybe second- but only to Hot Fuzz). It's also the most colorful. Speed Racer certainly is entertaining, though... in a strange sort of way. What makes the movie so... unique, is that it takes itself seriously, but you can't possibly. There is a plot, and it's complex, hell, I even got lost sometimes, but the way it's presented completely cancels it out. Instead of paying attention to the plot you find yourself sitting there with your mouth agape trying to contemplate how impossible that thing that just happened was. I mean, everything looks like it's been ripped from the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And the dude's name is Speed Racer. No, his real name. His first name is Speed and his last name is Racer as in the Racer family. What. The. Fuck. And who can forget Inspector Detector. And Chim-Chim. Ah, Chim-Chim. He certainly makes the movie better. Who doesn't love monkeys in overalls?

That being said, the movie is extremely entertaining. It's supposed to be serious, but it's not, and maybe that makes it better. It sure is funnier that way. I must say, though, the special affects are incredible. The whole movie is basically green-screened, but that's okay because it's awesome. Speed Racer is obviously about racing and there's plenty of it. And it is fantastic. Completely unrealistic and crazy, but fantastic. In fact, nobody even drives. The racers simply push buttons as their cars spin around 360 degrees. The movie gets especially awesome when they start using crazy gadgets. Stuff blows up into neon colors, cars zoom by, hubcaps fight each other... it's crazy stuff. The kind of stuff you can really only appreciate on an acid trip. Maybe that's its called Speed Racer because you have to be on speed to understand it. The movie also has the greatest fight scene ever- with ninjas! Yes, Speed Racer has everything including the kitchen sink and ninjas.

I say go watch Speed Racer for the experience. You'll have a good blast. Just be careful not to overdose on extreme.

And, yes, this is the movie referred to in the Iron Man review.

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