May 14, 2008

Movie Review: Iron Man

When I first heard they were making an Iron Man movie I thought to myself, "That's another comic book series they're gonna destroy with a bad movie." When I first saw a preview for it I though, "That looks like it's gonna be bad." Then, just prior to the movie's release, I read a review for it. What? It's a good movie? Can't be. Now I've got to go see for myself. Guess what? It was good. Real good. In fact, It's one of the better comic-based movies of recent times and probably one of the best super hero movies.

I especially liked how they brought the story of Iron Man to the present day. They took Tony Stark and made him a POW in the Middle East. They tell him they want him to build a missile for them, and they've got all the supplies. Out of desperation he creates a suit instead and out of necessity he creates the very thing that will both save his life and threaten to destroy it.

Iron Man isn't one of those movies that overwhelms you with special effects (unlike another recent release). Sure there's action and awesome effects, but they're used in moderation. The movie actually has a plot. And it's a good plot at that. My only wish is that maybe, just maybe, there could have been a teensy bit more of those awesome action sequences. But don't worry, that doesn't detract from the movie. You'll keep watching because you find yourself caring about the characters and the situations they're in. Did I mention Robert Downey Jr. does an excellent job with his character. Tony Stark is the kind of man that's selfish, yet caring, yet doesn't care what others think of him.

So the characters are well developed, the plot is good, and the action is awesome. What more do you need? I'll tell you something, in the end, what makes this movie so good is believability. Some super hero movies are kind of out there (*cough*hulk*cough*), but Iron Man seems completely plausible (though it's still impossible). Unlike another recent release I mentioned above, you don't watch Iron Man and say, "Stop yer damn talking! I don't care about the story! The story is stupid! I want more action and uber effects!" No sir, you say, "Whoa, I wasn't expecting that! I wonder what will happen next. Oh, look, uber effects!"

And that's why Iron Man rocks. Plus, they play the song at the end.

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