March 22, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Wario

Well I finally got a chance to play SSBB and really try out all the characters. To start of the game is amazing, definitely one of the best games of all time. I could go into further detail about the game but this isn't a game review,its a character analysis. If you want more detail about the game itself scroll down a bit to see N-man's review.

Well as you can clearly see by the slightly disturbing side picture, this analysis is on Wario, my personal favorite character in Brawl. To be honest I usually don't play with powerhouse characters like Wario. The difference between him however and other power characters is that Wario does not only rely on his strength. He uses an assortment of odd moves to trick and keep his opponents off guard.

-Heavy character
-Strong Smashes
-Surprisingly good aerials
-Has an advantage over other heavy characters (explained later)
-Good recovery
-Powerful assortment of moves
-Faster than most power characters

-Big target
-Still slow compared to most characters
-Struggles against characters with long reach
-Vulnerable to projectiles
-Recovery can be sabotaged easily

Wario is a great character in my opinion. He has the advantage over most power characters in the speed department and can easily hold his ground against other power characters. Wario is truly the most unpredictable character in brawl. This is all due to his odd assortment of moves he has. Seriously, one second you think your about to smash the fatass into oblivion and then he bites you racking up huge damage! Or you are charging towards him and he runs you over with a motorcycle. It honestly never gets old seeing the expression on you friends faces when they think they have a easy KO on Wario in the air and out of nowhere he farts on them sending them flying of the stage. Even though Wario is a big guy, he has some of the best aerials in the game especially his up B attack that can rack up a ton of damage quickly. When used properly, Wario's motorcycle jump plus his up B attack can give him one of the games best recoveries.

Wario does have his disadvantages though. I found it difficult to fight against any swordsmen with Wario due to their long reach. Ike isn't so much of a problem since he is slow and Wario can move around him easier. However other swordsmen such as Marth, Metaknight, and especially Pit can be extremely tough. A good Pit player can easily beat Wario using projectiles and speed combos to keep the giant mustached titan off balance. Also, I mentioned before that Wario has amazining recovery abilities, however if an opponent knocks him off his motorcycle and stands around it to make sure that Wario cannot reach it will cripple his ability to recover.

Summary: A strong, unpredictable character , with powerful aerials. Struggles against faster characters with better reach, but does excellent against slower, bigger characters.

Counter with: Pit, Metaknight, Marth,

Not recommend to use against: Unless it's Ike, no heavy characters (Bowser, Ganandorf, ect).

Final Review:

Scale: 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest

Learning curve: 4
- Wario is a pretty straight forward character the hardest part is learning how to use his motorcycle recovery and timing his fart attack.

Power: 8.5- Definitely top five in power

Speed: 5- faster than most big characters, but slower still the most characters

Recovery:8- motorcycle+up B= win

Throws: 4- his throws aren't that great and they are weaker than most power character throws.

Overall: 7.5 (I would give him a 10 but that would just be biased on my part)

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