March 23, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Captain Olimar

Now on to my second analysis on SSBB character. The little man with elf shaped ears is called Captain Olimar, and no, those little things following him aren't multi-colored midgets, they're Pikmin.

Now the general reaction to when people see Captain Olimar for the first time is usually "LOL WTF BBQSAUCE WAT A FAG LOLOLOL". Well not really but its something along those lines. Many people discredit Olimar and see him as one of the weakest characters in SSBB. Well I can assure you ask any Pro player of brawl and he will tell you otherwise. Captain Olimar is deadly, and has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in Brawl.

-Pikmen are the strongest projectile in the game
-Fairly fast
-Incredible throws
-Can have one of the best recoveries in the game
-Pikmen= meat shield, take damage for you
-Good aerials
-Good versus big slow characters

-Very light
-Can have one of the worst recoveries in the game
-Very dependable on ranged game
-Weak standard attacks
-No Pikmin = dead Olimar
-Big learning curve
-Struggles against fast character especially ones with reflectors and projectiles (Pit, Starfox characters)

Olimar has a lot of potential. Pikmin are insanely powerful each of them can do up to 50% damage. Against big characters like Bowser and King DeeDeeDee, Olimar has a huge advantage with his Pikmin and nimble speed. And surprising for his size, Olimar has excellent throws that work well with his aerial game. Combine that with his long reaching recovery and Olimar is nearly unstoppable.

Notice how I said nearly. Olimar will struggle against anyone who is faster than him, and especially with characters that have reflectors and their own projectiles who will destroy his ranged game. Olimar is one of the lightest characters in the game and will get demolished by one well placed smash attack. The one big problem with Olimar's recovery is that while it is long reaching, its also entirely dependent on the number of Pikmin he has.

***( Important: Olimar is the hardest character to fully master in brawl. He has a unique play style that is very difficult to learn, if you are not patient I suggest choosing another character with an easier learning curve)***

Summary: Speedy character with excellent throws, has the strongest projectiles in the game. Like Wario excels against bigger slower characters and struggles against faster ones. Very light and has a hard learning curve.

Counter with: Fox,Wolf, Pit, Falco can work as well but he is slower than the last three.

Not recommended to use against: Big slow characters (Gannondorf, Bowser, Charizard)

Final Review

Learning Curve: 10- the hardest character to fully master

Power: 3- He has fast attacks, but they are weak and not fast enough or strong enough to compete with other fast attackers like Fox or Metaknight.

Speed: 7- he is pretty fast compared to most Brawl characters.

Recovery: 5- has great potential for success, as well as failure, too dependent on Pikmin.

Throws: 8.5- Excellent, Olimar has some great throwing ability

Overall: 8.0


  1. I still think Ness is the hardest to master.

  2. olimar really isn't that difficult to use AND master. it's just a matter of what type of character he is treated as... compared to the learning curves of the likes of sonic, the ice climbers, snake, yoshi and so forth, olimar is a cakewalk.