February 29, 2008

Thread of souls: A tapestry that leads to a private hell

The Earl was a quiet man who had a thing for his servants especially his younger female servants. No one dared to raise their hand against the Earl for if they did they knew they would be killed and their daughters taken for his service. One day however the Earl made a mistake that cost him much more than just his life.

The earl was getting tired of his old servants and wanted an new one for his pleasure. He strode into town with two of his men and kicked open the door of the first wooden house he saw. In there laid a woman spinning a thread her daughters sitting by her side. The woman had four daughters in total all equally beautiful. The earl took the oldest daughter first and left with her for a month.

Each month the Earl would come for a new daughter. The mother would never protest neither would the daughter. The woman just keep spinning her thread making a tapestry of some sort. The only thing the woman requested was a clip of her daughters hair before the Earl took them away. She would then put the hair into the tapestry itself. The Earl thought it was a little bit strange but hardly worried about it.

When the Earl was done with the last daughter he came back to find the mother. She was almost done with her tapestry. It was a beautifully draw tapestry with a back round image of a forest in the spring.The Earl went towards the women he tapped her on the arm and beckoned her to come with him. When she did not listen he pulled her arm and tried to take her away from the tapestry.

Meanwhile the Earl's two men where waiting outside the door for him heard a horrible scream. To scared to see what had happened to the Earl the ran off back to the castle. Screams could be heard through the whole night but the villagers ignored them fearing that the Earl had gone crazy and decided to torture the women weaving the tapestry.

A year later the woman went into the town and placed her tapestry in the town square with a white sheet over it. The next day she unveiled the tapestry. What shocked the people was not only it's beauty but the realism of the man in the tapestry, in fact many claimed the man looked like he was made from real human skin.

In the tapestry two wolves had jumped on the man and where eating him, over the course of the next month the wolves would eat more and more of the man until nothing was left.

The villagers where horrified by the tapestry so the killed the woman. They took the woman the next day and hung her outside the town and let the spiders feast on her body. However they could not destroy the tapestry no matter how much they tried. Now once a year a select group of villagers goes with a criminal usually a sex offender down into the hidden vaults of the town. The leave the criminal alone in the room with the tapestry. When the villagers go to check on the man the result are always the same: a picture of two wolves eating a man and a woman sitting near the man smiling. She weaves a new tapestry in the picture, the tapestry spells out a series of four numbers:


No one in the town knows what this series of numbers mean.

No more spiders exist in that village.

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