February 18, 2008

Seinfeld Post

It's a post about nothing!

Random filler until I have something good to post:

Fear the giant ant of Brunswick for he will be the judge of the beholder. When the time is nigh, only he can restore balance to the sandwich. The earl shall break out of his holding property of Mr. Farly and exclaim, "I am what I am and that's all that I am. If I was any more, I wouldn't be me. So... bananas." All will be calm for three days and three nights until the great Badgermole of Destiny ascends upon the bald man's head, for only he can recite the Creed of the Grassblades. When this prophecy is foretold, it shall be predicted, then summoned to jury duty. After all is said and done, the Grand Eraser of Dunemark will implode inside the Forest of Hope and spread said hope throughout the land. After a series of horrible plagues that will kill off half of the Asian population, a century of peace will bestow the world with itself. Only the one who can speak French backwards in a boat will fulfill the requirements to initiate the Grand Peace of All Time.

Will it be you?

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