February 22, 2008

Brawl Characters: Swordsmen

I was going to do more of these, but I got lazy. If you'd like to learn more about the fighters of Brawl check out Smash Wiki. Since I already wrote a profile for Pit, I'll post it anyway. So... here you go.


Pit is the hero of the Game Kid Icarus on the NES and bodyguard of the goddess Palutena. He is a fairly quick character who strikes swiftly with his twin blades. Unlike most characters, Pit has three jumps. He can jump once and flap his wings twice in the air for a very effective recovery. If you hold down the jump button on his second jump, he will glide. This makes for a good horizontal recovery if you are sent flying off stage to the far right or left. Pit also has fairly strong multi-hit smash attacks. While jumping, Pit's up areal causes him to spin his bow above his head. Not only is this a good attack if you want to hit someone above you, but it also gives you an extra boost to your jump.

Special Attacks:

Up special: Palutena's arrow- Pit fires fast traveling arrows from his bow. You can charge up this attack for further distance. His arrows fly really far really fast. You can also change the trajectory of the arrows by moving the control stick up or down during the arrow's flight. Try using this technique to grab the smashball from afar.

Sid special: Angel Ring- Pit spins his bow in front of him. This attack can be used for as long as the user wishes by continuously tapping the special attack button. Pit remains immobile while using this attack, however. Try using this attack on a ledge after knocking someone off a level, that way they'll be unable to get back up. This attack also deflects projectiles.

Up special: Wings of Icarus- Pit's wings glow blue and he gains the ability of limited flight. This is an excellent recovery move and makes it almost impossible for Pit to fall off of a level. When the move is finished, pit can glide. It is believed that pit can use standard attacks while flying.

Down special: Mirror Shield- Pit pulls out a large shield that blocks attacks and reflects projectiles in the direction he is facing.

Final Smash: Palutena's Army- An army of Centurions fly across the screen at high speeds. They attack opponents a single time, then disappear. Each attack does 15-25% damage.

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