July 30, 2006

This is BIG!

I know I don't post news as much as I ought to, but when a story this BIG, BREAKING, SHOCKING, and IMPORTANT comes along I just have to post it. Brace yourselves, grab on to something, and don't bother to sit down because you're just going to stand up. It's that HUGE! Oh, and did I mention it's not good news?

You may recall a little event called E3. Well, actually it's not little. It's the biggest entertainment expo in the world. This year's was also the best in recent memory... and also the last. That's right, E3 IS NO MORE!!! An official press release is expected tomorrow. Rumor has it it might be replaced by a much smaller event, but it's just not the same.

1 comment:

  1. that is really sad ... i was looking forward to going to e3 one day