July 21, 2006

After Analysis: Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and City of villains

For the past few months I have switching between Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and City of villains. I got Guild Wars and World of Warcaft around the same time, and later City of villains when I took a break from WOW. After playing all three of these games I have come with new scores, and reviews on them.

Guild Wars

The revolutionary idea of an MMORPG with no monthly fee gave birth to the game Guild Wars. This MMORPG was thought to be the death of all other MMORPG. Many people where excited after trying the beta demo (I was one of them). So why is it that Guild Wars is now one of the least populated, most unsuccessful games of it's time?

- Repetiveness ( same weapon's, quests, ect)

- Lack of PvP: is game is supposed to be centered around PvP, but even games that are less "PvP oriented such as WOW and COV made Guild Wars PvP look like a joke

- No class balance: The idea of mixing classes together is a great idea, except when u have horribly overpowered combination (Monk/Warrior anyone?)

- Community: with no monthly fee, the main audience of the game where 7-11 year olds who are often immature brats who have no idea of how to play.

-PvE: This is the joke of the game, there are no specific areas you can go to for your level, no players are with you when you enter the PvE zone unless you invite them yourself to your group. It gives the impression of a normal RPG, not a MMORPG where u see people questing with you and interacting with them. I rather fight a player over a certain item/kill/drop for a quest than be alone in the barren waste land with nothing more than a couple of bots helping me quest.

I originally gave this game a score of 8.5 now I give it a 3.0 the only thing positive I can say about this game is that it is still free, andhat maybe the expansion will improve it

-Original Score: 8.5

-New Score: 3.0

City of villains

COV was an amazing game, it broke the generic repetiveness of "Lord of the Rings" type races, ideas, of the more common day MMORPGS. I played the game for a month, and it blew me away. The first thing i noticed was the customization, which was the most detailed I have seen in any MMORPG. The game itself is a great game, the powers especially are amazing. Also in COV they have a very unique modes of transportation using powers such super speed and flight to get you across the world. This game was great but unfortunately not as detailed and deep as WOW, so I abandoned it. Still for those who don't find WOW that great, should try City of villains or City of hero's

Score: 9.0

World of Warcraft

With 7 million subscribers and rising, World of Warcraft is the most successful game of its time. This game was the underdog when fighting the biggest MMORPG at the time of its release( EQII) in a battle of gaining subscribers. World of Warcraft came out on top in the end and the rest is history. The game already had a large fan-pool to draw subscribers from. But the reason the game was s successful was because anyone could pick it up and enjoy it. The game was suited towards everyone, casual and hardcore players, Roleplayers and PvPers, young and old, inexperienced and veteran. Now its a game that is likely to not die out for many years to come. With the expansion coming, the game promises to to expand and add content, drawing in more players and bringing in more loyal fans.

Score: 9.8

(http://www.mmogchart.com/Chart7.html for MMORPG charts)


  1. So you're saying that you don't like Guild Wars, you love WOW, and you also like CoV but you abandoned it? Why!? I just started playing it!!

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