January 28, 2005

RUMOR: Halo on Gizmondo!?

First off, if you don't know what the Gizmondo is go here: http://www.gizmondo.com/ Now that you know that consider this: Halo on Gizmondo! It could work! I mean, the thing has a 128 bit graphics chip! Microsoft has a good relationship with the makers of the Gizmondo. They are even making Mech Assault for it! However, Bungie says "it's not planned at this time." AT THIS TIME! Maybe someday...


  1. first off its my first time seeing that new console and i have to say it looks like a beefed up leap frog lurner systems and if halo come out on that something tells me it wont be the same but then again i dont no wat it can do so.................. orangutans

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