January 28, 2005

Revolutionary rumors

Here are some rumors about Nintendo's next system:

-The controller will contain gyroscopes, allowing for motion-control gaming

-It will have dual processors and built-in broadband, which will hopefully be utilized a bit more than GameCube's if it does happen

-The DS will not connect to it, but possibly the '
Game Boy Evolution' will

-The unit itself will have four controller ports, a hard drive, and support for high-resolution displays and Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound

-The unit will use HD-DVD (an 'upgrade' of DVDs but also the competitor to Sony's Blu-ray discs) and be backwards compatible with
GameCube games.

-The console will launch with a Mario game, and a
Zelda game is in the works as well as a new Smash Bros.

Remember these are rumors!

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