May 26, 2016

Kirby: Planet Robobot's Soundtrack Finally Gives My Favorite Kirby Games Some Love

Kirby: Planet Robobot came out recently in Japan, and I wanted to share how fucking awesome the sondtrack is. Why is it awesome, you ask? Because it's got so many great rearrangements of music from classic Kirby games that done't usually get any love. My favorite ones! I'm talking Dreamland 2, and 3, as well as Crystal Shards. They're all represented here, and it's glorious. I honestly kind of wish they'd gone all out and just filled the game with classic tunes because the new stuff, in my opinion, is mostly forgettable like the last two main-series games. But I'd say a good chunk of the music is a trip down nostalgia lane. Let's listen together, shall we?

Sand Canyon 3 from Drealand 3

Remember this track? It's the one that plays in that crazy UFO out in the desert. I don't think it's been heard since. Dreamland 3 had probably my favorite soundtrack in the entire Kirby series, yet it's music has mostly been forgotten by HAL. They picked a good one for Planet Robobot, since I think the mysterious melody of this track works well with the game's theme.

Sand Canyon 1 from Dreamland 3

Sand Canyon sure is popular in this game! This time, it's the area's first theme. The playful meoldy makes for a good casino track.

Float Islands from Dreamland

This remix of Float Islands comes with an injection of Planet Robobot's own themesong. The end result is something that has the melody of Float Islands mixed into it but sounds nothing at all like being on a tropical island. Not that that's a bad thing.

Shiver Star's Factory Inspection from Kirby 64

They couldn't have possibly made a game about Kirby fighthing robots and not included this song, right? It's more creepy and mechanical than ever now with screaching guitars and the sound of crushing metal creating in the background.

Mint Breath from Dreamland

A real throwback! This track also plays when you fight Kabula, the (apparently) sentient blimp with a face.

Dark Castle from Dreamland 2

Has this song ever been used since 1995? I don't think it has. But it's back, and the results are glorious. It makes me think of infultrating a computer for some reason.

 Title Theme from Dreamland

For whatever reason they made a remix out of what was basically a few second loop, but I'm not complaining. It's so very soothing.

Boss theme from Kirby 64

The best boss theme lives again! They even kept the panflute sounding things!

Dark Star from Kirby 64

Here's a track I for sure never thought I'd hear again. I do prefer the original instrementation, but I appreciate them brining it back anyway.

Grape Garden from Kirby's Adventure

Okay, so this isn't from one of the game's I mentioned, but I do happen to like Kirby's first console release a lot and this arrangement here is relaxing as hell. It sounds like credits music to me based on the way it ends.

Ripple Star Map from Kirby 64

A map theme! Who would have guessed they'd include one of these?

Float Islands (again) from Dreamland

I'm not sure why this song is in the game twice, but this version is a lot more faithful to the original.

Dark Matter from Dreamland 2 AND Dreamland 3

Hello darkness, my old friend. Just when I thought I'd never hear from 'ol Dark Matter again, here he is with both of his themes back and mixed together into this awesome arrangement!

Kirby: Planet Robobot has even more remixes from games like Superstar, Return to Dreamland, and Triple Deluxe, but I wanted to hightlight tracks from these older titles you don't usually hear a lot. Yeah, this game is going to awesome.


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