January 4, 2013

Announcing the 2012 BOOTY Categories

Like I said before, this edition of the BOOTY awards is going to be different. Instead of making one long monster post, I'll be doing one for every category by naming the Five Or Less Best games in each category. Below, you'll find the awards I'll be giving out.

Best Visuals: This award goes to the most technically-impressive looking games.

Best Artistic Style: The award for the most beautiful art direction.

Best Score: The very best original soundtracks of the year.

Best Sound Design: Audio is not just music! This award is for the best use of sound that's not music.

Best Performance: Acting in games just keeps getting better.

Genre Awards: Best RPG, Best Fighter, Best 3rd Person Shooter, Best FPS, Best Action, Best Racing, Best Platformer, Best Adventure, Best Indie, Best Puzzle, etc

Design Awards: Best and Worst game design, Most Innovative, Best Writing, Most Immersive

Special Awards: Best DLC, Best Remake/Revival, Best New IP, Most Overlooked/Underrated, Biggest Surprise, Biggest Disappointment

The Fable 2 Award for Worst Sequel

The Gears of War 2 Award for Best Sequel

BOOTYs By Console: Wii, 3DS, Xbox, Wii U (I ain't got the rest, okay?)


A look back at 2012's predictions.

Predictions for2013.

The Super Special Awards

It's going to be fun on a bun!

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