November 16, 2012

Quiz Time: New Super Mario Bros U vs Kirby

Can you identify this level?
I noticed something unusual with all the recent coverage for New Super Mario Bros U. For some reason, Nintendo has decided to adopt the Kirby naming scheme for all the game's areas. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would't be able to tell them apart. Do you know better? Can you identify which of the following words are from New Super Mario Bros and not Kirby?

Water Worlds
A) Orange Ocean
B) Float Islands
C) Sparkling Waters
D) Ice Cream Island

Sky Worlds
A) Meringue Clouds
B) Bubbly Clouds
D) Cloudy Park
E) Rainbow Resort

Grass Worlds
A) Vegetable Valley
B) Acorn Plains
C) Cookie Country
D) Peanut Plains

How about this one?
Sand Worlds
A) Yogurt Yard
B) Layer-Cake Desert
C) Sand Canyon
D) Raisin Ruins

Ice Worlds
A) Frosted Glacier
B) White Wafers
C) Ice Island
D) Peppermint Palace

Forest Worlds
A) Jam Jungle
B) Big Forest
C) Onion Garden
D) Soda Jungle

Underground Worlds
A) Cabbage Cavern
B) Cocoa Cave
C) Rock Candy Mines
D) Radish Ruins

Highlight below for answer key!
C, A, B, B, A, D, C

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