June 30, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century

On this, the 900th post, I bring news of changes. No, the changes are not staff oriented. Yes, I'm still all alone. But maybe not for long. You see, I've finally brought the comments system into the 21st century by unleashing all the power Disqus has to offer. I've dabbled with Disqus during my previous endeavors and it has proven to be a very competent and featuretastic commenting system. In fact, tt was recently overhauled and improved! You can login with a variety of services, rate and share posts right from the comment widget, subscribe to comment threads, tag people in comments, link to individual comments, vote comments up and down, follow commenters, and more! I'm hoping this will actually get people to speak up.

Also now available are the Installation Fourms, not tied to the comments via single login because that was causing me problems (plus that comment system was kinda blah). You can access it in the menu bar. As a social experiment, the forums are totally free-for-all and users can post anything and everything. They're not too fancy, but have a decent amount of features including rich text editing, image uploads, sharing features, and the ability to login through several common accounts.

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