January 30, 2012

A Wealth of New Korra Footage!

The floodgates have opened! Watch as Korra battles thugs, metalbending police, firebenders, and has a heartfelt conversation with (HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOLIARZ!) Katara.

This one has MAJOR SPOILARZ!

So let's digest that for a moment, shall we? First, the animation is noticeably... better? It seems more detailed (character designs especially) and cinematic to me. Some great camera angles in there. Second, we get a taste of the new musical style in that last clip. Not sure how I feel about that yet. The music in the earlier clips is very Avatary, but I trust The Track Team to do amazing things. They did say it was going to be different. "1920s New Orleans jazz but if it were invented in China" to be precise. Oh, and for anyone wondering, they seem to have scrapped the stupid name that made no sense in favor of "Avatar: Legend of Korra". Huzzah!

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