January 1, 2012

NeoToonami is on track for awesome

This is probably the best first post of the year I could have hoped for. I hopped on Twitter after the New Year's festivities settled down to find a new teaser for NeoToonami. You might remember they put out their "Big Preview Pt. 1" about six months ago. Since then, the team said they were working on a massive CGI overhaul to get everything looking amazing for the premier. It was originally set for 2011, thought that obviously didn't turn out. The stream will premier in 2012 now, but from the looks of this new teaser it will absolutely be worth the wait. They were seriously not kidding about the overhaul stuff. It now honestly looks like something Cartoon Network would put out on their own and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that things will pick up right where they left off (when Toonami was still awesome). So enough talk, check it out:

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