December 19, 2011

The Installation 04 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2011!

Note: only include candles near your gifts if you want them to catch on fire and burn up.

Oh noes, Christmas is only a week away and I accidentally the gifts! What should I do? Is this dangerous?

Not to worry, resident of the internet, Installation 04 has got you covered! Read on for a handy list of gifts. All you have to do is hand over the money. And if it doesn't make it before Christmas, don't fret! At least they'll have gotten that perfect gift. After all, it's the thought that counts, right?

Cheap Gifts:

So money is tight and you don't have a lot to spend. No problem. Buy someone one of these and they're guaranteed to have a merry christmas.

The Humble Indie Bundle 4 ($pay what you want!)
Cave Story! Super Meat Boy! Bit.Trip Runner! Three other games! This is by far the best lineup in the history of the Humble Bundle. Give it as a gift and you'll be loved forever. Plus, now you get all the soundtracks as a bonus!


Titanium spork from ThinkGeek ($9)
You read that correctly: a titanium spork. Why choose between a spoon and a fork when you can have the best of both? Sporks are only commonly found in food courts and county fairs, but now you can give the gift of everyone's favorite eating utensil made from sturdy, reusable titanium!

Or, if the recipient is psychic, give him something unique to bend!


Sweet Commander Video laptop decal from LTL Prints ($15)
Nothing says "I love Bit.Trip and support indie developers" like a laptop decal! These high quality prints (I would know because I happen to have one) are also available in a variety of sizes so you can outfit any wall space. Custom sizes are also available! A must have for fans.


Also check out their Super Meat Boy collection!

Game Soundtracks from Sumthing Distribution ($12-15)

Sumthing is responsible for the majority of game soundtrack releases these days, which is great because back in the day they'd never release them at all. You can check out the catalogue on their website, but I'd buy through Amazon (it's cheaper).

Check it out!

Head Stomp Beanie from Split Reason ($16)
It's a goomba on your head. And that is awesome.


Gorillaz Singles Collection ($18)

If you know someone who isn't already a fan of Gorillaz, you need to buy them this. The 10th anniversary celebration CD contains all their best stuff (except for Doncamatic).


Slightly More Pricy Gifts: 

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary soundtrack on vinyl ($21):
Great for Halo fans and audiophiles! If you know someone who is both a Halo fan and an audiophile, I'm not responsible for any bodily harm incurred from wild expressions of joy. Available December 20th, this green (yep, green) vinyl is limited to only 2,000 units. A collector's item!


Classy gaming t-shirts ($22-$27):
There are plenty more of these out there, but these four are personal favorites of mine.
Buy from Redbubble!
Buy from GamerPrint!
Buy from Fangamer!
Buy from Redbubble!

Halo: The Art of Building Worlds (around $20):

Obviously, the Halo fan in your life will thank you for this one, but I hear it's also popular with non-fans who enjoy the artwork and mythos of Halo.


Pipe Mug from Fangamer ($34):
This thing is amazing. I need one of these. Just look at it! It's mug modeled after a warp pipe with a question mark block coaster! What gamer wouldn't want one of these? You can also get it in a set with more block coasters ranging from regular brick to Mario 64 exclamation blocks.


Marathon Hoodie from Bungie ($40):
You'll look like an oldschool FPS boss walking around in this Marathon Hoodie. Halo fans will dig it, too, because the Marathon logo was a frequent easter egg in those games. Plus, I hear it's quite comfortable.


Nyko 3DS Power Grip ($30):
Someone you know own a 3DS? This grip which triples battery life and adds some (much needed, in my opinion) hand grips will make a great gift.


Dragon Ball Z level BRD sets ($22-$27):
DBZ is always a safe bet and the show's never looked or sounded better than these new "level" sets. The first two (1.1 and 1.2) are available now, just be aware that the recipient will probably want to complete the collection and there will be 19 sets.

Buy 1.1! Buy 1.2!

Futurama Volume 6 ($20-$25):
Like DBZ, you can't really go wrong with Futurama. This past "season" had some real gems like "Cold Warriors",  "Law and Oracle" and "Reincarnation".

Buy BRD! Buy DVD!

For People You Really Love (pricy):

Hori Classic Controller for Wii ($50-$60):
These controllers are a bit pricy, hard to find, and no longer available in black (sorry, I think I bought the last two in existence) but if you know someone who uses the Wii classic controller a lot, this is the ultimate gift. As I've said, this is probably the finest 3rd party controller ever produced and any Wii owner would be lucky to have one.

Buy from Ebay! Buy from Amazon!

OnLive Microsonsole ($100): 
For a mere $100, the OnLive microconsole is technically the cheapest home console money can buy. I haven't tested the console itself, but the OnLive program on my MacBook works surprisingly well. Alternately, you can buy the controller by itself for $50 which works with the desktop or mobile application, or as a standard wireless joypad for Mac and PC.

Buy console! Buy controller!

Logitech Z506 5.1 speakers ($80-$100): 
I have an older set of these and I must say, I don't think the sound can get much better for this price. My old G51s (the first and last speaker set in Logitech's gaming line) have served me well for about three years and sound absolutely fantastic. I'd imagine these aren't much different. Unless the person receiving these is expecting something in the several hundred dollar range, they won't be disappointed. Just don't tell them how little you paid.

Compare prices now!

Gameboy Micro ($prices vary wildly): 
The Japanese Famicom edition
I recently bought an oft-forgotten Gameboy Micro. It was one of the best purchases I ever made. This thing is the ultimate handheld gaming system and, in my opinion, Nintendo's greatest invention. However, these guys have become quite hard to come by these days. When I got mine at the end of the summer, the cheapest new unit I could find was actually the Famicom 20th anniversary Japanese import edition. It was an absolutely amazing deal at that price. However, now it seems the prices have gone up significantly and you'd be lucky to find a regular edition one for less than $80s new. Of course, it doesn't have to be new, but trust me when I say the build quality of this thing warrants a new purchase. Oh sure, a used one will hold up just fine with its sturdy metal frame, but the sensation of unwrapping a brand new unit is like getting a new iPad.

Copare prices now!

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