December 6, 2010

Pokemon: Win or Fail? 62-77

A few notes before today's Pokemon. I am rating these Pokemon based on originality, creativity, and uniqueness of  design and concept. That's the "awesome factor". My personal opinion will be reflected, though, and that's something that really can't be avoided. While I like the desert crocodile family overall, I feel like the first two aren't as up to par as the last one. "Meh" does not mean bad, it means solid but not spectacular. Just thought I'd clarify. Now on to the Pokemon!

  • Name: Marakacchi
  • Number: 062
  • Type: Grass
  • Species: Cactus Pokemon 
  • Looks like: a cactus with flowers
  • Awesome factor: 5/10
  • Trivia: It's the only grass type that can learn peck.
This Pokemon just looks outright related to Cacnea, and I actually wouldn't mind if Marakacchi was its evolution instead of Cacturne. It's a fine looking Pokemon, but it's resemblance along with its disconnection to Cacnea puts it in uninspired territory.  

  • Name: Ishizumai
  • Number: 063
  • Type: Bug/Rock
  • Species: Stone Hermit Pokemon (these are starting to make sense o.O)
  • Looks like: a hermit crab with a rock for a shell
  • Awesome factor: 2/10
  • Trivia: It secretes a liquid that can dissolve any rock.
Obviously, this is the new crab Pokemon for Black and White, but the type combo caught me a bit off guard. Ishizumai's bug/rock combo makes it comparable to Shuckle, a much rarer Pokemon. The design, however, just looks like a hermit crab with a rock for a shell. Not very imaginative. He's a cute little guy, but uninspired. 

  • Name: Iwaparesu
  • Number: 064
  • Type: Bug/Rock
  • Species: Rock Hermit Pokemon
  • Looks like: a crab with a chunk of earth on its back
  • Awesome factor: 3/10
  • Trivia: It lives in arid lands.
This is slightly better only because I wasn't expecting a giant chunk of sediment to be used as a shell. Still, it looks like an angry crab otherwise. 

  • Name: Zuruggu
  • Number: 065
  • Type: Dark/Fighting
  • Species: Molting Pokemon
  • Looks like: a goofer
  • Awesome factor: 6/10
  • Trivia: It's one of a kind type combo makes it the only fighting type immune to psychic types. 
I fail to see why this guy is a dark type when he looks so goofy, but I'll roll with it. Zuruggu is some kind of a gecko or lizard that is molting. More importantly, he's looking like a fool with his pants on the ground. But damn, if he isn't a lovable little goof. Especially in this picture

  • Name: Zuruzukin
  • Number: 066
  • Type: Dark/Fighting
  • Species: Scoundrel Pokemon
  • Looks like: a stoner punk with a mohawk 
  • Awesome factor: 6/10
  • Trivia: It can destroy concrete blocks with its kicks and spits acid from its mouth.
Take a moment to look at this guy's other artwork as well as his sprite. Is it just me, or does he look completely out of it? Zuruzukin is definitely on something. I wouldn't say this design is particularly better than the previous one. They're different but about equal. I wonder who designed these guys, though. Very strange. 

  • Name: Shinbora
  • Number: 067
  • Type: Psychic/Flying
  • Species: Pseudo-Bird Pokemon (seriously)
  • Looks like: some other Pokemon who's name escapes me
  • Awesome factor: 5/10
  • Trivia: These guys used to guard an ancient city. 
I don't know about you, but if I ran into one of these guys I'd probably shit my pants. They look intimidating as hell, but also really busy. Too many colors and dangles. Those pitchforks are completely unnecessary and it would probably look better without them. Very ancient Aztec in design, though. Perhaps it's natu and xatu I'm reminded of when I look at it. Or chimecho. Or unknown. Or baltoy. Or bronzor. I get a lot of vague images of other Pokemon when I see this guy, though ultimately I suppose it looks like a flying vase. 

  • Name: Desumasu
  • Number: 068
  • Type: Ghost
  • Species: Spirit Pokemon
  • Looks like: and undead kecleon holding a mask
  • Awesome factor: 4/10
  • Trivia: This Pokemon used to be human (is that even possible?).
The story to this guy is that it used to be human and the stone face represents its old human form, while the shadowy ghost represents the ghost Pokemon who apparently still has memories of its human life. That's all fine and dandy, but why does the Pokemon itself look like a lizard with giant arms and big red eyes? That's not very humanoid at all. Though researching further, I have found that it is essentially based on an Egyptian Ba, or human spirit, holding a death mask which is a plaster cast of a person's face made after their death. Interesting concept, and I'll give it points for that, but the design is really weird to me.

  • Name: Desukaan
  • Number: 069
  • Species: Coffin Pokemon
  • Looks like: a haunted sarcophagus
  • Awesome factor: 9/10
  • Trivia: It eats humans and turns their bodies into mummies. It also eats gold bars. It has the highest base defense of all ghost Pokemon. 
So at first Desukaan just looks like a sarcophagus. Why the high score you ask? Well you may not notice at first, but Desumasu's mask is now part of the sarcophagus so it gets points for that. But really, this design is so simple it's creative. This Pokemon can actually conceal it's ghastly face and arms and appear like a regular coffin until prey comes along. I also like the idea of the shadowy ghost arms that literally seep out of the sarcophagus. This is a great ghost Pokemon if I ever saw one. Desukaan and its pre-evolution are also the only Pokemon to have the new "mummy" ability which turns the opponents ability into mummy as well, essentially negating it.

  • Name: Purotoga
  • Number: 070
  • Type: Water/Rock
  • Species: Ancient Turtle Pokemon
  • Looks like: Turtle, from Dragonball
  • Awesome factor: 5/10
  • Trivia: This Pokemon is resurrected from a fossil. It can dive up to depths of 1000 meters.  
This is a pretty decent looking Pokemon, especially after some of the rather stupid fossil Pokemon from the past two generations. I like the look of the shell and the little armor pads on the fins and face, but overall it looks too much like a regular sea turtle to bump any higher than a 5. Still, I like it.

  • Name: Abagoura
  • Number: 071
  • Type: Water/Rock
  • Species: Ancient Turtle Pokemon
  • Looks like: the most awesome turtle Pokemon since blastoise
  • Awesome factor: 10/10 (zomg!)
  • Trivia: It has extremely strong jaws and can eat both rocks and steel. 
This is how you make a Pokemon! Just look at this guy! He oozes epicness. Take a look at this alternate art as well as Abagoura's back sprite to get a more detailed look at its shell. This Pokemon definitely looks ancient and powerful. The face armor looks awesome while still looking natural and the shell also very intricate and impressively designed. It somehow sprouts feet and a large tail, but the evolutionary link is obvious. While it doesn't make much sense that this guy has bipedal legs but fins for arms, it does look pretty cool and probably allows him to kick ass on both land and sea. I know which fossil I'm picking this time!

  • Name: Aaken
  • Number: 072
  • Type: Rock/Flying
  • Species: Old Bird Pokemon
  • Looks like: a fugly bird
  • Awesome factor: 2/10
  • Trivia: Despite being a bird Pokemon, it can't fly.
The other fossil Pokemon, unfortunately, is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. It get's points for being based off prehistoric flightless birds, but holy crap is it ugly! 

  • Name: Archeos
  • Number: 073
  • Type: Rock/Flying
  • Species: Old Bird Pokemon
  • Looks like: some sort of crazy bird-snake thing
  • Awesome factor: 2/10
  • Trivia: It can fly, but can also run faster than a car.
Aaken's evolution is not much better. Now it looks like somebody has crossbred a snake with a bird and come out with this crazy looking thing. It's still ugly as hell and has a weird combination of colors, but at least it can fly now! Unfortunately, they had to waste an awesome name on lame Pokemon.

  • Name: Yabukuron
  • Number: 074
  • Type: Poison
  • Species: Garbage Bag Pokemon
  • Looks like: yeah, garbage bag is about right
  • Awesome factor: 1/10
  • Trivia: It and it's evolution are the only pure poison types this gen.
It's a garbage bag which is literally bursting with filth. I guess it's safe to say that the design of this Pokemon... stinks

  • Name: Dasutodasu
  • Number: 075
  • Type: Poison
  • Species: Garbage Dump Pokemon
  • Looks like: an garbage monster
  • Awesome factor: 1/10
  • Trivia: It inhales garbage which becomes part of its body and can spray poisonous gas from the "fingers" in its right hand.
This Pokemon... is a pile of garbage

  • Name: Zorua
  • Number: 076
  • Type: Dark
  • Species: Tricky Fox Pokemon
  • Looks like: an evil fox (the species are accurate today!)
  • Awesome factor: 3/10
  • Trivia: It can take on the apparence of other Pokemon while retaining it's own type and moves. 
I've never been crazy about the look of this guy. It really just looks like a sinister fox with unnecessary red spots above its eyes and a scarf around its neck. It's kind of like a vulpix that's trying too hard to be cool. But I do like the morphing aspect, so it gets points for that. 

  • Name: Zoroark
  • Number: 077
  • Species: Illusion Fox Pokemon
  • Looks like: the guy to replace Lucario in the next Smash Bros.
  • Awesome factor: 5/10
  • Trivia: It's based on kitsune, a shapeshifting mythical fox of Japanese folklore that plays tricks on travelers. 
Actually, ninetales is also based on kitsune so the parallels there continue. It kind of looks overdone to me, though, like they were trying too hard to make him cool so they gave him a giant ponytail and useless colored wisps of hair. Without the hair, though, I think I could bump this guy up a few points. Although he really needs to gain some weight. That waistline is not healthy looking. 

As the numbers increase, the concentration of good designs increases with it! Come back tomorrow to see if the trend continues!

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