December 12, 2010

Pokemon: Win or Fail? 144-152

  • Name: Cobalon
  • Number: 144
  • Type: Steel/Fighting
  • Species: Iron Will Pokemon
  • Looks like: some sort of an antelope thing with boots
  • Awesome factor: 7/10
  • Trivia: Its glare can make other Pokemon obey. It is calm with a heart of steel. It has the defense of all fighting types. 
Cobalon is similar to Raikou, Entai, and Suicune in concept. It's part of a trio of what I call "legendary dogs"(though they aren't really dogs), all of which are half fighting type. This trio appears to be based off the Three Musketeers. As far as the design goes, it's not bad at all but not extraordinary.
  • Name: Terrakion
  • Number: 145
  • Type: Rock/Fighting
  • Species: Cavern Pokemon
  • Looks like: an epic ox thing in boots
  • Awesome factor: 8/10
  • Trivia: It's strong enough to break through the walls of castles. It dislikes humans because they destroy Pokemon habitats. No other Pokemon has the same type combo. 
This is my favorite of the trio. He looks strong and intimidating. He has a lot of weaknesses, but just as many resistances. I can't quite make out what exactly he's based on, but it's pretty epic.

  • Name: Virizion
  • Number: 146
  • Type: Grass/Fighting
  • Species: Grassland Pokemon
  • Looks like: another antelope thing with boots
  • Awesome factor: 6/10
  • Trivia: It is skilled at slashing with its horns. It dislikes humans because of the way they treat Pokemon. It has the highest special defense of all grass and fighting types. 
The last of the trio is the lamest in my opinion, but still doesn't have a bad design. Though it, like the other two, is genderless, it has a more feminine look to it.

  • Name: Thornelos
  • Number: 147
  • Type: Flying
  • Species: Whirlwind Pokemon
  • Looks like: a genie with a tentacle tail
  • Awesome factor: 9/10
  • Trivia: It can travel at speeds up to 300 km/h and can create storms and massive win gusts with its tail. It is the first, and only, pure flying type. 
  • Black exclusive Pokemon
This guy is pretty awesome. He's based on the Japanese wind god, which is cool in itself. He's got a crazy mustache and hair, and "don't fuck with me" look. And thanks to him we know that flying types alone are weak to rock, electric, and ice, while they are resistant to fighting, bug, grass and are unaffected by ground.

  • Name: Voltolos
  • Number: 148
  • Type: Electric/Flying
  • Species: Lighting Strike Pokemon
  • Looks like: a genie with a flail tail
  • Awesome factor: 9/10
  • Trivia: It can shoot lightning bolts from its tail.
  • White exclusive Pokemon
This is the White version counterpart to Thornelos. He looks similar in his body structure except he's a different color, only has one horn, and his hair and tail are different. His mustache reminds me of Raikou's "whiskers". 

  • Name: Reshiram (U.S. name)
  • Number: 149
  • Type: Dragon/Fire
  • Species: Vast White Pokemon (?)
  • Looks like: too many things combined
  • Awesome factor: 7/10
  • Trivia: It can accelerate itself with its tale to fly at high speeds. It can unleash fire blasts that "can burn everything into nothing". It is the only fire type not weak to water. 
  • Black exclusive Pokemon
Why do the Pokemon designers seem to be obsessed with crotches this generation? Due to an unfortunately place tuft of fur, it looks like Reshiram has a giant spiky penis. Besides that, it's a pretty solid design for a legendary and definitely better than the ones from the last three generations. It looks like a combination of way too many things, though. I do like the afterburner tail, though.

  • Name: Zekrom (U.S. Name)
  • Number: 150
  • Type: Dragon/Electric
  • Species: Deep Black Pokemon (?)
  • Looks like: holy crap awesome
  • Awesome factor: 10/10
  • Trivia: It can generate electricity and use its tail to unleash thunderstorms. It has the highest attack, defense, and base stat total of all electric Pokemon. It is the heaviest Pokemon of this generation, weighing over 760lbs. 
  • White exclusive Pokemon
Zekrom is the best legendary since Lugia, in my opinion, and possibly my favorite yet. I love his turbine-looking tail that generates electricity. His design is sleek and and not overly complicated. Fantastic.

  • Name: Landlos
  • Number: 151
  • Type: Ground/Flying (that seems contradictory)
  • Species: Fertility Pokemon (oh my...)
  • Looks like: the most likely to rape anime women
  • Awesome factor: 9/10
  • Trivia: It is the god of the fields and its tail can fertilize soil. He has the highest special attack of all ground types. He will only appear if either Thornelos or Voltolos is caught. 
The third god Pokemon has a similar design, but the silliest hair yet. It looks kind of like a hammerhead shark, actually. That tail reminds me of an octopus, but also tentacle rape. 
  • Name: Kyurem
  • Number: 152
  • Type: Dragon/Ice
  • Species: Boundary Pokemon (?)
  • Looks like: there's going to be a Pokemon Gray!
  • Awesome Factor: 8/10
  • Trivia: It stores cold air in its wings and can unleash blizzards, hailstorms, and can flash freeze its surroundings. It has the highest attack, special attack, and base stat total of all ice Pokemon. No other Pokemon has the same type combo. 
Kyurem will no doubt be the mascot of the inevitable third version of generation five. He's rather strage looking compared to his two brethren, with a very jagged and muted look. Not sure what the tail is supposed to be this time, though. The wings are oddly angled and have what appear to be ice crystals on the ends. The design is kind of so unexpected it's cool. Reminds me of some kind of ice-armored T-Rex. 

And that'll do it, folks! That's all 152 Pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Black and White! But we're not done yet. Tomorrow is a very special mini-post. 

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