August 14, 2010

The Best Modern Game Trailers Ever Redux

So I did this feature, a little over a year ago called The Top 7 Best Modern Game Trailers Ever. You know, if you don't periodically update these lists, they become completely outdated. A lot has changed in a year. A lot. So now I'm updating it. Hell, I might even make this an annual thing. So here they are: the best modern game trailers ever. Since I added one, I won't restrict this list to a certain number, especially if I do this annually. Original content in gold and new content in blue.

8. The Conduit- "Story Trailer"
I'm not just putting this one on here because I'm a fan of the game. This trailer honestly surprised me with its production quality. Although it shows actual gameplay, which most of the trailers on this list will not, it has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster trailer including a gravely-voiced announcer and epic trailer music that appears no where in the game. It certainly builds up the hype, though, and it actually shows you what the game plays like, which is a plus.

7. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep- "Birth By Sleep" (previously 3) 
Little did players of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix know, but the game's secret ending was actually a trailer for the next game. And what a trailer it is. The game still hasn't been released, yet I've been anticipating it ever since this secret ending was discovered. Not only is what is happening considerably epic, but so is the original score in the background. It is definitely one of the best teasers ever, in my opinion. It doesn't explain what is going on, but it makes you wish it had. Here it is, translated and in HD. Yeah, this game still isn't out yet, but the trailer remains undeniably awesome.

6. Assassin's Creed- "Lonely Soul" (previously 5)
Ah, game trailers with licensed music. Nothing like them. When it's done well (more on that later) it really hits home. 
In any case, this trailer does more right than wrong. The song goes very well, especially accompanied with the slow motion gameplay. This trailer in particular, caught my attention about the game as it did with many other people. I didn't much like Assassin's Creed, but this trailer is still damn good and sure did get me hyped for the game before release. Unfortunately, once I had it it was pretty meh.

5. Left 4 Dead 2- "Intro"
The intro cinematic for L2D2 (beginning to sound a bit like Star Wars isn't it?) was used as a promotional trailer prior to the game's release. And what a trailer it was. Valve really made you want to play their game. A lot. There were so many great moments and lines in this from Ellis' 'ficial instructions, to chocolate helicopters, to Coach being pissed about zombies ruining the neighborhood. 

4. Gears of War- "Ashes to Ashes"
Since its launch, the Gears series seems to have become somewhat famous for its trailers. It seems to be for a reason that most other trailers lack. Whereas most of the time the trailer tries to ignite intrest with a tour-de-force of epic action, the trailers employ another tactic- emotion. While the choice of theme or music may seem strange it does leave you thinking. In short, you remember it. I replace the original choice of the "Mad World" Gears 1 trailer with the new trailer for Gears 3. It's not hearsay, there's reasoning behind it! Epic is pretty damn good at making trailers that evoke emotion, but I think this one does it better than any of the others. It portrays hopelessness (in contrast to Gears 2's hope), it portrays a broken man who has nothing to live for, it portrays the darkness that is to come- a situation so dire that enemies become allies. The music is top notch once again and it's interesting to see the focus on someone other than Marcus for a change. 

3. Dark Sector- debut trailer (previously 2)
I cannot possibly put together this list without mentioning Dark Sector. You may not know that Dark Sector was the first "Xbox Next" and PS3 game ever announced. It was no surprise that when the trailer premiered, it caused quite a bit of buzz. It looked fantastic, maybe not by today's standards but at the time it was running on the first true "next gen" graphical engine- Unreal Engine 3. Not only that, but the trailer provided a decent look at how the game played. It looked awesome, to say the least- perhaps the start of a great new sci-fi series. Anything that mixes science fiction and tradition Japanese music has to at least catch your interest, right? Unfortunately, the game over went a major overhaul and became extremely generic. It's really too bad we'll never get to play that original version because it looked really good.

2. Halo Wars- "Cinematic Trailer" (previously 1)
This trailer was never intended for release. It was an internal promotional thing at Microsoft that somehow leaked onto the internet and was consequently pulled down. Fortunately, many curious eyes watched it in that short time. It's too bad that Microsoft never released this trailer publicly because, frankly, they would have sold more copies. Trailers typically build up hype for something that is already anticipated or they announce something new in a grand way. It was different with Halo Wars. Many, many people, Halo fans included, were skeptical about buying the game. This trailer was so good that it actually sold copies. People that were on the fence changed their mind and people who had no interest whatsoever felt compelled to try it out. It's that good. I imagine that if a Halo movie was ever made, the trailer would be something like this. The trailer was completely cinematic (with the best CGI I've ever seen- literally!) and used music from the movie Transformers. There is only one good copy available on the internet that I know of, and I have it for you. Enjoy.

1. Deus Ex Human Revolution- "They Can't Stop The Future"
Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is how you make a trailer.

Words cannot even describe this. I have a feeling it'll be on the top of this list for quite some time. Everything about it is just perfect. 

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