July 23, 2010

The ultimate RPG?

Developer Big Huge Games has something epic up their sleeves. Almost said wizard sleeve to make it a fantasy reference, but then decided against that because you might get the wrong idea. Looks like I said it anyway, though, so oh well. Anyway, you're probably thinking "Who the hell is Big Huge Games and why the hell should I care?" You should care because this it the newest RPG from Oblivion designer Ken Rolston. But that's not all! It also brings together Todd McFarline as the visual director and fantasy author R.A. Salvatore as the writer. Salvatore created 10,000 years worth of fictional history set in the world Amalur for Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (that'd be the game's name). Excited yet? You should be. While details are scant as the game will be out fall 2011, it has been revealed that the game will be an open world action RPG set in the world of Big Huge Games also upcoming MMO codenamed Copernicus. More info here. The trailer follows.

Sure, the trailer lacks a little color... but I'm willing to look past that because I have faith that this game is going to deliver!

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