June 13, 2010

The pre-E3 Post

E3 will be upon us tomorrow. The question everyone wants to know is who will win? Because E3 is apparently some sort of a contest. So who will it be? Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony? See my predictions of the show below.

I expect Microsoft to demo Gears 3, Halo Reach, and Fable 3 on the show floor. They'll probably have some other non-exclusive surprise demo as well in addition to the usual solid Arcade lineup. I'm guessing they'll announce something unexpected game-wise. I've heard recently that 343 will be there to announce more Halo games which would be interesting. I'm thinking that if Metal Gear Solid Rising is demoed or shown at all, it'll debut at the Microsoft conference because the announcement that it would be on Xbox was such a big deal. And, of course, Natal, recently dubbed "Kinect" will be there in full force. Sure it seemed cool at first, but I get the idea it'll be dubbed a failure when it's all said and done. I think that, for Microsoft to win, its exclusives and announcements need to blow us away. An announcement about a slimmer console won't do it either. 

As with Microsoft, for Sony it's all about motion control. Move will be the big thing and I'm expecting a lot of Move demos and game announcements. They'll probably show off Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and inFamous 2. What I'm really hoping for is that rumored Kingdom Hearts announcements, and a little Final Fantasy Versus XIII wouldn't hurt either. On the PSP side of things? Well, the best thing Sony could do at this point is to announce a whole new system all together. A PSP2, if you will. Overall, I think Sony has a decent lineup even without move, provided they show them off. Their surprise announcements better be good, though! The PS3 is finally in a good place, and it would be devastating for Sony to ruin it now. I'm also expecting new PSN features, which could go either way. Not sure a paid service will be extremely popular.

Nintendo's got the big guns. I fully expect a demo of Metroid: Other M, but more than that I expect some hardcore announcements. Pikmin 3. Zelda. Kirby. F-Zero. Starfox. Nintendo's new handheld is the perfect excuse to revisit these old Nintendo franchises. I'm really hoping the 3DS delivers. It certainly sounds amazing from the rumors and it has the potential to steal the show. Sure, there will be the usual casual nonsense, but I'm thinking that this will really be Nintendo's return to form. If at least one new game with Mario in it isn't announced I'll be very, very surprised. The absence of Zelda would also be a major blow. I'm almost certain it'll show, though. And while I know it seems unlikely, I would love to see the birth of a new Miyamoto classic or the start of some sort of new hardcore Nintendo franchise. And a new online mentality wouldn't hurt either. 


Hope really hope I'm not wrong because I want this to be Nintendo's year and I think they have the potential. I'm expecting somewhat of a return to form for them. Second, I'd probably go with Sony and, for probably the first time since they entered the fray, Microsoft in third. While we're at it, I'm going to go ahead and predict Deus Ex: Human Revolution as the game of the show.

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