June 15, 2010

E3: More Fallout Fun

Well readers here's the scoop: A new Fallout Vegas trailer has been released and just in time for E3...yeah. This is not a post about E3 or anything really relating to it besides this trailer, the fact that it is a video game and the timing. What we have here is a standard analysis post. First, let me give you the trailer...

There you go. So now that you have watched it, it's time to tear it apart and feed on the juicy little tid bits that are the info and facts. Lets start at the beginning. The trailer opens on an Enclave eye bot zooming down a street (or what remains their of), so we know that the enclave is back (yeah!), or at least some remnant of it, because the West coast Enclave were "destroyed" in Fallout 2. Once the Eye bot takes a couple shots we move to the shooter himself. From what you can see, its a man (probably the main character, judging from the Pip boy) in VATS (if you don't know what VATS is please stop reading because none of this will mean anything to you.) wearing an armored vault jumpsuit with a high powered (looks like a .50 cal) sniper rifle, blasting away at the eye bot. We then move to the first person view of the character shooting at some raider or smuggler like people with a scoped laser rifle, and then jump to the character shooting at a super mutant with a fast acting grenade launcher (maybe). Then it moves to a wave of people running at the main character and the character blowing them up with pre-dropped remote controlled mines (gonna be fun!). The trailer then shows our hero kill a super mutant with a sniper rifle at close range. But then another super mutant becomes visible and attacks. The de-invisableiing of a super mutant indicates the return of the Nightkin (an elite warrior caste of cloaked super mutants working for the Master from the first Fallout). The trailer then goes through some desert scenery raider camps and such, showing us locations in the game. Then you glimpse a third person view of our hero walking through what appears to be a slaver camp and a camp for the New California Republic. We are then shown some images of the Vegas strip, some inside shots, indication that actual gambling can occur, and some guys dancing. All of a sudden we are fighting a giant bee thing (no info on what this is) and then a robot firing missiles at us. The hero in the robot battle scene appears to be holding some sort of plasma rifle. You are then butted by a Big Horner (mutated big horn sheep) and a giant artillery gun blows up. You then get a peak at the Helios One (a space laser that you will at some point in the game gain complete control of, AWESOME!!), and some shell bombardments and some rockets taking off.A grenade launcher is shown being used, a New California Ranger firing an assault rifle and the main character being attacked by some reptile dogs. You then see what I assume to be Helios One firing and the Hero using some sort of plasma pistol, but he is in a lush green environment (how odd?). Some more scattered fighting and someone walking away from a building as it explodes. It then shows you the title and the eye bot flying away.

OK, so maybe it wasn't some much an analysis as it was a summery, but now you know what everything you saw was. The graphics for the actual game play look a little ify but that's why this is not the finished product, its just a trailer. Even so, the game looks awesome and I hope everyone is as excited as I am for it. So, leave your thoughts on the trailer, the game, my "review" or just what you would like to hear about in the future or any questions you have in the comment area and I'll post a comment in reply. See you.

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