June 13, 2010


Let me rephrase that: HELP NEEDED! Installation 04 needs your help, fine readers. It's common knowledge that I've been doing the majority of posting for over a year. The truth is, I can't do it alone. MonkeyLord and KromeBear have been helping out when they can and in the meantime I've lost Doegab. It's not enough. It's just not enough. Luckily, the more (dedicated) writers we have here, the more posts go up. That's where you come in. See, we need more people. A lot more people. With your help, we can make this place great. It's going to take a lot of dedication and work, but the payoff will be fantastic. Every dream of going to E3? Help I4 make it to the top and you might just have a shot. Suck at writing? It's not just writers we need either. Still interested? Inquire within.

If you know anything about us then you know that pretty much anything goes. We cover games, media and stuff. Therefore, if you play games, we want you. Watch a lot of movies? We want you. Read a lot of books or comics? We want you? Obsessed with the latest tech? We want you. Watch a lot of TV? We want you. Listen to a lot of music? We want you. Quite frankly, we could use people in all those areas and more. Think you can handle more than one position? Then we definitely want you! Whatever you can bring to the table, we can probably use it. Got ideas for features? We want to hear them. Want to scour the web for the best viral videos? We want to see them. Here's what we need:

  • Writers in the areas of games, media, and stuff. Whether it be brief news stories or in depth reports, reviews, and features. See above. Oh, and editors. 
  • Tech people! We've gotten along without you but we could really use you! Web designer? Fantastic! We could use one! Know a lot about podcasting? Great! We've been wanting to get one off the ground for some time! Great with photoshop? We can use spiffy graphics! Whatever you can do to help improve the site on a technical level is greatly appreciated. Right now, that's just me and I don't do a whole lot. I let blogger take care of most of it and it shows. We need behind the scenes guys who keep the place running smoothly and looking good!
  • Publicity. Can you get us known? Then we want you. Help us achieve more hits and world domination. Research what the readers want so they'll stick with the site. Organize events like contests if we ever get that far along. 
  • General posters. Like I said previously, you don't have to write. Whatever you can contribute is worthwhile to us. Like collecting stuff like great motivational posters or internet videos? We'll take those posts too. 
  • Let's not forget original content. If you write short stories or poems, whether game related or not, they're welcome here!
Obviously, communication is important here, but at this stage it's more of a hobby than anything. That's why I let people work freely and independently for the most part. Posting is up to you and will not be put though some sort of standards check. You can post what you want when you want so long as it gels with the site and isn't offensive. Just make sure it hasn't already been done. It's important to keep up with your fellow member's daily activity on the site. Obviously publicity and tech people will need to communicate with me more. Communicate ideas via e-mail unless a conversation is necessary in which case we would resort to IM. Everybody should check their e-mail often. That would be the primary source of communication (or Facebook message if that is preferable). If you have an idea for something new I would like to OK it first before giving the go ahead. Established features and news can be posted without notifying me first. Spellcheck is your friend. Editors would be helpful in ensuring the upmost quality of posts. They should simply check the posting area every so often and read over the new posts, correcting any errors. In the event we do not have an editor, read the post carefully yourself (as you should do anyway). And when it comes to posts, a little humor or sarcasm never hurt anybody. There's no post limit you need to meet and you won't be fired if you don't post every day. As long as you contribute something as often as you are able. That being said, you will be let go if you never do anything ever. Been with us for months without a single post? Sorry, we don't need your kind around here. What we do need is individuals passionate and dedicated enough to post about it.

To apply, e-mail the following information to installation4@hotmail.com
  • Your name and location
  • Your penname (the name that will appear on the blog and that you will be known as)
  • What you can bring to Installation 04 and why we would need it
  • A sample of your work, whatever that may be 
  • How much time you think you can contribute
And to answer your question, no, you won't get payed. Yet. You certainly will get payed if you help us get big. Right now, we do what we do for the love of what we do. And we hope you do too. Good luck.

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