June 9, 2010

The facts of life

Now that the evil fruit has gotten your attention, I'd like to make a statement. Lately, I've been the only one really doing crap around here I've got two other guys ( MonkeyLord and KromeBear- they deserve recognition) who help out when they can. Everyone else is useless. If that offends you, well, then try not being useless. In any case, I've been doing some thinking. Obviously, we're not going to continue on like this. We're all busy fellows who do this in their spare time. Thing is, we obviously don't have much of that these days. I'm not closing the place down, but I don't what such infrequent posting either. Therefore, don't be surprised if I you see a post up in the next few days trying to recruit people. We need more. More people= more available posting time= more posts. Just FYI, if you're interested. Details will be forthcoming.

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