June 18, 2010

Daily E3 Wrap: The End

Can you believe it's over? Yup, another whole year of E3 has passed us by, but we'll be feeling all the awesome shockwaves for a year to come. That doesn't mean all the awesome E3 coverage is over, though. Far from it! E3 is such a big event, that there will be media and info for quite a while to come. And, on the bright side, E3 '11 has already been dated for June 7-9. But for now, let's take a look at some more games that were shown or announced at this year's expo.

The following trailer has the best opening line ever. Be warned.

Crysis 2


Sonic Colors


And finally today, you can find a fantastic 10 minute demo of Rage on G4 that I can't fucking imbed for some reason, but it's ABSOLUTELY worth your time!

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