May 9, 2010

PSA: Buy this bundle now!

The Humble Indie Bundle will only be on sale for another day and sixteen hours at the time of this posting. I suggest you get it while you still can and help support indie developers as well as charity. It's a pay what you want package containing six indie games that are DRM free and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The lineup includes: World of Goo, Gish, Aquaria, Lugaru, Penumbra Overture, and the recently added Samorost 2. Honestly, I hadn't heard of any of these besides World of Goo (this is my third copy) and Gish (which I have never played). And, once again, you can name your price. I'd suggest you snag this deal before it's gone and give your monies to a good cause. Whatever you can spare helps charity and indie game developers.

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