May 4, 2010

Activision Revealed

So as we all know, Activision and Infinity ward are partner companies. Well, it may not be that way for long. As you all know from Fuzunga's post Bungie recently merged with Activision (yea!). But what some some of you may not know is that Activision recently fired (March 1) both the CEO and President of Infinity Ward, Vince Zampalla and Jason West, who are now sewing Activison for 36 million dollars in due royalties, which they were apparently supposed to recieve on March 31. Apparently back in March of 2008 Activision tasked the Zampella and West with completeing Modern Warfare 2 by November 15 2008 in exchange for complete control over Infinity Ward studios and rights to all COD brands that were based in the post-Viatnom era. Basically, the new COD black ops may be stalled if West and Zampalla don't sign off on it. Now that the back story is known,it is my belief that Activision bought Bungie so that it can recap some of its future potential losses. We will see. Also West and Zampella have signed on with a company called Hollywood's Creatvie Artists Agency, who have very powerful ties with the movie, sport and music industry. I think that we may be seeing more video game based or type movies coming out in the near future.


  1. I don't know what to do with this post. Where did you get your information? I know a great deal of it is wrong, at least. Just a heads up that this post might "mysteriously" disappear. Also, please see the updated Bungie/Activision post.

    Just to point some things out here:
    2. Activision owns the rights to the CoD franchise (just as Microsoft owns Halo) so West and Zampella can't do diddly squat. Activion can do whatever it wants with CoD.
    3. Black Ops is being developed by Trayarch, not Infinity Ward. Trayarch developed several CoD games in the past, including CoD2: Big Red One, CoD3, and CoD World at War.
    4. West And Zampella did indeed sue Activision, but then they went on to create a new developer, Respawn Studios, and signed with EA. Sixteen, and counting, employees of Infinity Ward then quit and joined them. There's quite a few people currently suing Avtivision.
    5. Activision opened up a new studio last year, Sledgehammer Games, to also develop CoD games.

    They claim that they have creative control over the CoD franchise, yes, but that'll be harder to prove than they probably think- especially because it's not technically true. The reason the contract Bungie has with Activision is so specific is to prevent this stuff from happening to them. With it, Activision retains no ownership rights or creative command of Bungie's games.

  2. Its all from the new IGN magazine

  3. I'll recheck the facts in a couple days, when I have the time after these ridiculus exams are over. If this post just happens to disappear, than it would be the will of the gods and I will accept it with humility.

  4. Dammit! I could have sworn I posted a comment saying I was to busy to tell the gods to fix it. But now it's gone!

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