April 8, 2010

Warning: the following flash games are made of win

It kinda seems like flash games are making a comeback these days. If you're bored, check these out:

Run Jesus Run: Reenact the life of Jesus in just 10 seconds! But let me warn you, this game is impossible to win. No matter what I do, I always die at the end...

Synopsis Quest: Reenact an entire PRG in just 10 minutes! Also, this game is quite funny, as it mocks every traditional RPG convention ever. Especially the oldschool ones from Japan.

Bloons Super Monkey: Reenact the events of September 11, 2001, the day a flying monkey that shoots missiles terrorized America by destroying all of its balloons. Wait, that's not right. In any case, it's an accurate description of this game. You are invincible and you must commit balloon genocide. Meet your genocidal quota or the super monkey government will end your game.

Cream Wolf:  This suggestively named game is brought to you by [adult swim]. Finally, they make a game that's less about robots and unicorns and more about werewolves that drive ice cream trucks and eat children. Because, you know, that's up there on everyone's wish list.

Auditorium:  Just for a change of pace, this game has you direct sound flow to... well, just try it. I don't want to spoil it. It makes you think and provides you with some nice tunes. Very relaxing, this one.


  1. Forgetting one:
    Adult Swim Presents Robot Unicorn Attack

  2. I beat Run Jesus Run with all 12 apostles at the Last Supper

  3. Yes, but then you die.
    And I skipped Robot Unicorn Attack on purpose.