April 12, 2010

The scoop

That's the scoop. No, but seriously. The scoop: I'm working on this really awesome article of epic proportions, but unfortunately am too busy with school at the moment to finish it. But when it's done... oh boy. I hope your ready for something completely life-altering. It probably won't go up until Thursday or Friday at the soonest, but I just wanted to let the readers know that, if there's a lack of updates for a bit, I'm not abandoning the place. But then again, maybe someone else will be kind enough to fill in for me. So keep cool, and be excited.



  1. I hope the scoop wasn't the GoW 3 trailer

  2. No, actually the fact that I used 'scoop' in relation to Gears was completely unintentional lol. I was talking about the Pokemon thing.