April 2, 2010

NNAVGI04OWC: "The Next Guitar Hero"

Today's strip takes a grim look into the future. A future that's all too possible. Hit the break for commentary!

This one ended up unintentionally two-tone. I decided to go with the blue pen because it had a finer point I could use for the details. As I was going along, I realized that was a horrible idea because it was an ink pen and I was afraid the ink would smear and blot. Luckily, it did not. I realized, though, that it would make no sense for that one dude to have a blue afro. So I busted out the 'ol black gel pen. I used it around the box as emphasis, as well. Oh, and there's an easter egg in this strip. Can you find it? I'll give you a hint: it's blatantly obvious. Also, some of the lines don't connect and there's a random extra apostrophe. Ah, well. Watcha gonna do?

Oh, and we can't forget my favorite part: the dude on the couch. I love that guy. After drawing him I was like, "Yeah, that's pretty much my favorite drawing ever." I mean, look at him! He's just sitting on the couch eating chips, looking depressed, and staring into space. And he's wearing a pilgrim hat! If anybody wants a mobile wallpaper of that guy, let me know. I'd love an excuse to make one.

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