April 1, 2010

Nintendo 3DS tech leaked

Poor Nintendo. They just can't get a break. First, they were pressured into announcing their new 3D handheld before they had intended. That was right before the DSi XL released. Great for sales, right? Now an early tech demo has leaked onto the internet. At this rate, all of Nintendo's thunder is pretty much stolen. What's left for E3? Video after the break.

It appears Nintendo currently has the tech running in a DSi shell. Either that, or the 3DS will look remarkably similar. There's no knowing how old this demo actually is. I'm sure the system we see at E3 will have a different design. My guess is that this was some sort of internal thing that wasn't meant to go public, much like that really epic trailer for Halo Wars that Microsoft never intended to release. I gotta say, this sounded stupid at first but now I'm actually really interested. It's not that dumb "pop-out" 3D, but the good kind that gives real depth to the picture. It's just, with all the leaks nowadays you wonder what these companies have left for the big events like E3.

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  1. Oh, if you want more info, see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A