April 11, 2010

Gears of War 3: The Scoop

So here's the scoop on Gears of War 3: Cliff Bleszinski was supposed to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to announce something. He was moved to Monday because there was a scheduling conflict with Justin Bieber. Unfortunately, someone at Microsoft didn't get the memo. The picture above appeared on the Xbox dashboard Friday morning, only to be promptly taken down. So now we know what the announcement was, though it wasn't that hard to figure out anyway. The story gets better. Cliff tweeted the following statement after the Gears 3 screwup: "NEWSFLASH: Two announcements about two upcoming games on Monday. BOOM!" As those of you Epic fans knew, they have another game in the pipeline developed by People Can Fly. That game is Bulletstorm, and it also happens to be the other game Cliffy B is announcing Monday. One of the guys from People Can Fly responded via his own Twitter, "Crap. No more Monday surprise. This thing's leaking all over the place." So that pretty much clears that up. But what, exactly, will Gears 3 be like? Luckily, we've got a big 'ol pile of rumors for you!

The following rumors of what the game contains would probably be on the top of most people's "do not include or you will ruin the game" lists. Apparently, in Gears 3 you can expect:

  • Locust with tentacles that reach around your cover! Not only is that creepy, but it sounds stupid, unnecessary, and un-fun. 
  • Burrowing grenades! The least stupid of the rumors, these would burrow underground and pop out in front of your enemies. Like the longbow grenades from Borderlands, but more illogical. 
  • Underwater levels! Because, you know, these are always the best part of every game.
  • Mechs! No. Just no. Sounds like someone's been playing too much Lost Planet. 
So yeah, it looks like Gears 2 may be in the rare position of being the best in the series. We'll see how all this plays out come E3. Right now, I'm in the negative hype zone. 


  1. I don't know, mechs doesn't sound that bad to me, I mean you did get to ride a Brumak and if that isn't the locust version of a mech, I don't know what is. In short, as long as they don't put to much emphisis on the mechs, than it should be fine.

  2. I trust those guys; I personally thought the first one was the best but the second one was just as good (and most say better). O

  3. Like I said, we'll see. Brumaks were fine for me. In fact, that was one of the best parts of the second game. But it was a brief portion at the very end of the second game. It made you feel overpowered, but that was leading up to the epic conclusion. I guess I'm just worried about them being over used like you said. But I also take issue just with the fact that they want to put giant robot suits in the game. It seems extremely out of place to me.

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