April 16, 2010

F.E.A.R 3

Let me start off by saying that I wasn't big on the F.E.A.R series untill about 5 months ago. It all started when I walked into a GameStop and was imidiatly blinded by a pierceing neon light (you know the kind). I don't remember much but their are flash images of money being transfired and at some point I walked out of the store with both F.E.A.R 1 and 2 used for 20 bucks total. So I went home,played those and I actuall liked #2 better, it was a better shooter and had a better plot that was figureoutable, unlike the conveluted crazyness that was #1. Anyway, beat those, considered getting the extension pack for F.E.A.R (never did) and then went out to get more games. This all took place over a 4.5 month period. The games I bought were those old games that when they came out you were like "ehh is that really worth 60 bucks?" but now that they were cheap I bought them and played them, and am now raping up beating the last one. (for those of you who care they were Chronicles of Ridick=6.9/10, Orange Box= WIN PURCHASE!!!!, EndWar=FAIL=2.9/10, and someone gave me Dark Sector=8/10=weak story but fun gameplay). Then I eventually got Just Cause for my B-day=SUCCESS in FUNLAND!!!, and in case that wasn't obvious enough this game is worth every cent. I am still working on that, and then I saw this trailer:

Freaky, but looks fun. It would be nice if they put in some gameplay.

And Im not sure if this is real or not, but it is pretty cool too.

Also, the projected release date is 10/1/2010


  1. Put a break before the trailers.

  2. I dont knwo what you mean by that?

  3. Meaning that half the post is hidden on the front page and you have to click on the post to view the full thing. It makes the front page less cluttered.