April 13, 2010

Clash of the...ehhh I guess they're titans

Well to me, this movie was a bust. They had been showing adds for it for a year and a couple months and I was totaly psyched for it, I mean like about to go crazy with need. Wow, what a let down. The special effects were good , but that was about it.....and I guess the acting wasn't that bad. Basically they blew this movie up to look ultra emic in the trailers, but then the movie didn't live up to the hype. The ending was anti-climactic and the story was beyond simple. I guess I could be expecting to much from a movie that was a remake of this,

But come on they could have done better. And while I love Liam Neeson as an all powerfull, glittering super diety, there is a line. Anyway, that is how I feel. If you agree or disagree or if you are totally indifferent and are just reading this to distract you from some upcoming test than comment, let me know how you feel and maybe you will be able to change my mind.


  1. Don't see this movie if you're into mythology. In fact, only see this movie if you're SO bored that you want to waste $10. Also, what is that picture from?

  2. that picture is from the original movie releasedd in 1981. Thats right, this movie was a remake of an 80's film, witch apparently got a good reception and review....as far as crappy mythology films go in the 1980s.

  3. I've been really looking forward to see this when it hits Harvard theater (which would be tomorrow), but all the reviews say it's a massive let-down and that the original was much better despite the action figure monsters

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