April 2, 2010

The best of April Fools '10

It was an interesting April Fools in the gaming world this year. Pranks ranged from believable to awesome to bad to just plain funny. Here's a breakdown of the best jokes from April Fools 2010.

Sega announces Echo 2: Water Wars
Remember Echo the Dolphin? What if Sega strapped guns on him? The result: awesome. And, unfortunately, fake.

Extreme Diplomacy in Civilization V
Why work things out with words when you can use violence?

Venom gaming IV
That's IV drip. With all the crazy energy thingys around today, this will probably be a thing eventually.

Again, this is bound to happen eventually, right?

Blackthorn 2, Diablo snuggies, Battle.net matchmaking, E-PEEN, and the new Battle.net neural interface.

Virtua Fighter 5= Street Fighter + Tekken
This actually looks awesome.

Alan Wake Wars
It worked for Halo...

Mass Effect 2- romancing an Elcor

The final class for The Old Republic
Too bad about this one. It would have kicked ass.

8-Bit Bayonetta
Dunno who would play this, but cool nonetheless.

And finally, the best of the best:

The iCade
Not only is this thing totally concievable, but it's pretty awesome as well.

New multiplayer mode for Halo Reach
I could tell this was going to be a joke, but I found myself thinking "That would actually be pretty cool if they put enough effort into it."

And the best one of all comes, once again, from IGN. It's another movie trailer. But not what you're expecting.

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