March 7, 2010

Portal franchise is still alive

Did you enjoy Portal when it released back in 2007 but think, "Gee wizz, that game was crackerjack! If only it was lengthier and more fully featured! Gosh darn it that would be nifty keen!" Well then do I have news for you! The April issue of Gameinformer has blown the lid off of Portal 2. Scans are floating around in cyberspace but I refuse to read them until I get my copy of the magazine and can look at everything in real life clarity. That being said, I really can't tell you anything about the game except that it takes place quite a while after the first, is a full retail game with a full retail price and full retail length, and it has co-op. If you don't get Gameinformer, or don't want to shell out the money for the latest issue, you can find the links to the magazine scans right here!

*NOTE* I just noticed this after I linked all the images. They may be slightly out of order. I'm too lazy to fix it, but I'm sure you can figure it out. After all, if you played Portal, you must be some kind of intelligent.


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