March 12, 2010

Playstation Move: Deja Vu

Sony's motion controller finally got a name. It's called the Move. But only because the name Arc was giving them legal trouble. Also it now has a "don't call it a nun-chuck" sub-controller. Admit it, it looks just like a Wii controller. If it didn't have a bizarre glowing orb stuck to the top of it, you probably wouldn't have known the difference. Oh, also it says "Sony." I'm certain that this thing, which I would think is meant to provide simple and elegant motion control, has more buttons than a standard PlayStation controller. When it releases later this year, it'll apparently come in a bundle "under $100." Meaning $99.99. You can read more about the thing and get a close up look at all the buttons here if you care that much. By the way, one of the features of this thing is that the orb dynamically changes color. I hope sony realizes that people will refer to this thing as a "wand."

Finally, may I turn your attention to this image?

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