March 1, 2010

March Band of the Month: Radiohead

So in an attempt to redeem myself, I'm going to attempt to do my first band of the month post in a LONG time. For this month I'm going to look at a band which many of you people might be familiar with already. However for those of you who don't know let me introduce you to my favorite band of all time: Radiohead.


I'm not going to waste to much time talking about the band's history. However if you are interested in them and their music, please check out their Last FM page.

Who would a recommend Radiohead to? Well just about anyone really. Radiohead has one of the most diverse sounds in the music industry that that appeals to a variety of musical tastes. Each album they create is a masterpiece, and varies in musical style from the previous one. Radiohead is always pushing the envelope, trying to develop new sounds and experimenting with other genres.

If your looking to get into Radiohead I recommend you listen to their albums in this order:

1) The Bends- Radiohead's second album. It is a purely alternative rock album with the exception of the first song Planet Telex. Very accessible and easy to get into.

2)OK Computer- This album is hailed by many as Radiohead's greatest work. It has some of their more recognizable songs such as Karma Police, and their musical masterpiece Paranoid Android. OK Computer is not a purely alternative rock album, but for the most part it does not deviate much from The Bends.

3) In Rainbows- Radiohead's most recent album. It has an alternative rock sound as well mixed in with some slower compositions that give the album a beautiful sound. A little harder to get into simply because some of the slower songs might bore you a bit.

4)Kid A- Now here is where things start to get much more experimental. In this album Radiohead deviated from it's alternative sound and experimented with the genre of elctronica. This album has great songs such as Morning Bell, Idioteque, and Motion Picture sound track. That being said it's not as accessible as their previous work

5)Hail to the Thief: This album combines the familiar alternative rock sound of Radiohead with some electronica and jazz pieces. It's by far their most diverse album, with a few spectacular songs such as There There (possibly my favorite Radiohead song), Sail to the Moon, and Wolf at the Door.

6)Amnesiac- By far Radioheads oddest album. Very experimental, it's really a hard album to get into. It has a weird jazz sound with some electronica.

7) Pablo Honey: Just a bad album in my opinion. It was Radiohead's first album, and they were trying to create a Sonic Youth/Grunge sound. The results were subpar to say the least.

Here are a few sample songs, one from each album.

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