March 21, 2010


Picture this: you're sitting in your corner office, bored out of your mind as usual with your dead end job and your dead end life when your coffee mug starts to vibrate uncontrollably and fall off the edge of your desk. The lights flicker. Your fellow employees fall to the floor. Objects are being tossed about with immense force. The building shakes violently and you know you need to get out as quickly as possible. Screams fill the air as you search for an exit, but the roof has collapsed and blocked the stair case. You'll never survive if you don't get out soon, and frantically searching, you spot a building adjacent to your own out the window. It's just tall enough for you to land on the roof if you get a running start. You burst through the window and shards of glass fly everywhere. You land on the roof and keep running. You don't worry about the shards of glass in your flesh or the blood running down your arm. You don't look back. All you know is you must run. Run or die. And so you do, dodging falling debris and obstacles as you go, gaining speed from the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Military helicopters pass over head. You glance up at them and almost miss your next jump. You land on a construction crane and keep going, crashing through another window and dodging office supplies as you burst out of the other side of the building and on to a collapsing roof. You can see the next rooftop in sight but you make an error in judgement and jump too soon, only to hit the wall and fall to your death. Game over. You've run 1,056 feet.

Armed with a single key, you alone can survive the apocalypse. Good luck.

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