February 5, 2010

New Teaser for "The Last Airbender" is Pretty Good, Actually

I've been optimistic towards this film since it was announced. While the announcement of the director and cast seemed a bit questionable, my optimism remained. Then the first teaser came. Aang looked pretty spot on and the Fire Nation ships looked perfect. I started to get excited. Now IGN has premiered the new Superbowl spot for the film. I must say, even if the characters don't all look exactly like they do in the show, everything else seems, at this point at least, well done. As for the music... let's just say they should have hired The Track Team. I can't wait for the trailer next Friday. I can only hope and pray they don't massively screw it all up. But as it stands now, it looks like a great adaptation of the show. Though we haven't seen any actual acting yet...

1 comment:

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