February 18, 2010


Crazy, crazy Japanese people. Leave it to them to make the world's most advanced exoskeleton and then have it look like it's from an anime. What you see above is the HAL 5, or Hybrid Assistave Limb. This baby uses electrodes to sense electrical impulses from muscles and sends them to an onboard computer analyzes them and sends this information to servos of the suit to mimic the user's movements. And it's got a 100 volt battery at the waist to power the whole thing. In plain english, you put it on and you can lift five times what you normally can lift. There is also a varient for legs only which increases strength by ten. It's currently still in the testing phases, but they're now available for limited rent. Check out the video of the thing in action by viewing the full post.
The HAL 5

And here's the earlier prototype for legs only, the HAL 3:

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  1. I told you all this day would come. the Japanese are developing advanced biosuit technology based on alien wreckage from a ship that crashed off of their coast in the 1960s. why do you think the most inovative technology in the last 30 years has come from them. Thay are BUILDING AN ARMY!!! they will use genetically modified hampsters as a power source for their mecha battle suits and swarm down on the unsuspecting nations of the world and DESTROY US ALLLL!!!! You have been warned. the only defense against them is hampster pelets and giant rocket launchers. FLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!