January 25, 2010

Resident Evil 5: Among the Worst Games Ever

After I review a game I usually see where IGN places the game. Just like Uncharted 1, IGN gives this game a 9.5.....WTF? A 9.5 FOR A GAME WHERE YOU CAN'T SHOOT AND MOVE?! So I scanned for the reason. Oh wait, hmm, so awesome graphics now give a game a 9.5. They must have given Transformers 2 a 10 for the robots while the rest of the world cringed in horror. Horror leads us to this review of a horror game, which was horrifying to play. Yes, the graphics are pretty but the train stops there. My guy moves to slowly and my knife doesn't extend out far enough to kill anyone. Then, when I manage to run away and start shooting, in about 5 seconds enemies swarm me again because I can't move while shooting. Oh, and forget about cover; zombies come up from behind you to. To top it off, headshots don't kill zombies......they messed up the lore on that one.

Basically you spend the entire game seeing a well-done cutscene, being swarmed by at least 20 zombies and maybe a boss, running away from them, shooting for 5 seconds, and repeating until you die or run out of ammo. If you run out of ammo the fun begins: staying in place knifing; but wait, your knife extends about 2 inches from you so is ineffective at killing enemies until they are close enough to kill you.

While graphics are nice substance counts; the combat mechanics are a fail like this game.

Final Rank: 4.5
This game gets a 4.5 only because story, characters, and the game itself look nice; everything else is a doomsday scenario. Well, at least this Resident Evil 5 truly does horrify the player because it sucks.

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