January 14, 2010

Metroid Mystery Solved

So, I'm sure you've played a little game called Smash Bros. Brawl by now and chances are you've probably also played on the Frigate Orpheon stage from Metroid Prime. And if you've played on that stage you've probably heard the awesome Metroid Prime theme that plays in the background. Well, awesome except for one thing: that incredibly lame narrator guy at the beginning. Since the game's release, fans have been wondering why Nintendo nerfed the song with with that incredibly unnecessary narrator. I have stumbled across the answer. Here is the song as it appears in Brawl:

Hit the break to see where that damned narration came from!

As you can see, it's a reference to an alternate title screen cut from the original Prime. Mystery Solved!


  1. I like the narrator in the smash bros version, but yes I see where it comes from..

  2. I'm thinking the original narrator was intended to be Samus herself.