January 7, 2010

Games. Games! GAMES!

So the Blockbuster near my house decided to go out of business and I picked up stacks of games there for very little monies. So lately I've been playing through this pile of old games from last year and beyond... into the past... you know what I mean. Anyway, I've also got a pile of current games here (by current I mean the last couple of months) that I've yet to play. I'm in the process of attempting to do so so I can properly asses what game deserves what award for the BOOTYs. Speaking of booty, I just played through The Secret of Monkey Island, which, by the way, is twenty years old. Seems like I've been hearing about that game my whole life... I guess that makes sense, actually. So I suppose I'll review that soon. And Resistance. The first one. Random, I know. Borderlands is awesome of what I've played so far, and I was skeptical about Darksiders, but that one's pretty good thus far too. The road ahead of me is daunting. It's also quite fun. So many games... So many still to come...

Oh, and I'd avoid Dark Void. The game's rather awkward and nauseating from what I've played. Also, I don't think I can possibly stand another game with Nolan North staring as Everyman.

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