January 14, 2010

The Cutting Edge

Newsflash! Here's some changes you should be aware of:
  • RaiderBear30 is now KromeBear30
  • KromeBear30 now has his own corner: The Cutting Edge
  • This site is an annex of our site
  • It focuses on reviews and the like solely by KromeBear
  • You can find his content there from now on
  • There is now a feed from The Cutting Edge in the sidebar
  • To get to The Cutting Edge, click on a news story in the feed, or on KromeBear's name in the sidebar
  • The header I made for his page is nicer than the one for the main page
This brings me back to the days of Gameweb: Viewpoint, a Gameweb page dedicated only to reviews. Not that any of our readers will have any idea what I'm talking about... Anyway, hope you enjoy the new page! The two of us have a strange history of merging our sites together and separating them. Hopefully, this time it'll stick for good!


  1. Why have I never heard of any of these sites? whats going on? who are you people? where have the weekly poles gone? where am I? Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  2. ok so this was supposed to go on Monkeylords sight but i couldn't post it.
    Stephen that was the most ignorant comment ever. How can you say that we should not try to stop terrorism, and what you are implying is that we do nothing. America has always been a symbol of hope for a lot of people, and they look to us (the most powerful country in the world) for help. A lot of innocent lives are at stake and I think that it is our duty to do something about it. And Joseph I don't even want to get started with you. what you said there was not justified in anyway, you should be ashamed.

  3. You made an account just to post that? That's pretty sad.


    But no seriously wtf happened.

  5. nvm I already posted my angry rant on "monkey pad"