January 25, 2010

BAMF Awards: Coming Soon!

Our partner site, Installation 04, gives out the BOOTY Awards every year. It is a compilation of the best games the past year. To honor them, and because every video game review site needs them, we now unveil the Cutting Edge's BAMF Awards!!!!

For those of you who don't know, a BAMF in slang is a bad-ass mother f%*#er! For example, see Shaft. A BAMF can also refer to a female who kicks some ass, like the fictional Kasumi (Dead or Alive IV) or the real-life Torrie Wilson.

Anyway, for the purposes of this website (for those of you who are still reading instead of looking at the picture), a BAMF Award goes to the game that is the best in a category. The categories are: Best Shooter, Best Graphics, Best Music, Most Addicting, Best Co-Op, Best Online, Best RPG, Best Action (includes stealth games), Best Adventure, Most Under-rated Game, and lastly, Best Cutscenes. Then, a special BAMF, called The Dirty Harold, is given to the Game of the Year (the Super BAMF Award!). 2nd and 3rd place Games of the Year will also be announced; they receive 2nd Best BAMF and 3rd Best BAMF.

Like everything in life, for every positive there is a negative. So what is the opposite of a BAMF? A pussy [cat]. The pussy [cat] dishonors go to the Worst Game of the Year and Worst Sequel of the year. The Byestander Award goes to the 1 game who doesn't fit in with the BAMFs or pussies (err I mean pussy cats). It is the byestander; the byestander award goes to the Most Overrated Game of the Year! Enjoy!!!

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